Every event is inevitable - if it wasn't, it wouldn't happen.

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How to use «Answerer»?

At first glance, it's just a fun toy. However, it is not so. To get from her answer to the question, it must be properly formulated. It will offer you one of the six possible answers.

To use «Answerer» You need to ask him a question (say it silently or aloud) when question is ready, You can run an answer search mechanism by clicking on (Get the answer) button. You should not ask the same thing several times, only the first answer will be right.

Meaning of answers:

  • Yes - Yes it is yes.
  • No - No.
  • Maybe - Maybe, it depends on You.
  • Ask me tomorrow - Today it is not right day to answer this question.
  • Take a rest - I do not want to answer this question.
  • Empty - And if the dice fell blank side, it means that you already know the answer.